Lightly Technologies is capable of uncovering the composition of drugs and counterfeit medicines. Their mission extends to combating the looming threat of fentanyl.

The project’s roots trace back to research conducted in the laboratories of Mendel University in Brno. Transitioning from laboratory research to prototype assembly required the creation of a startup, enabling faster progress than the academic environment allows.

Over a hundred innovators gathered in Athens for the EIT Jumpstarter Grand Final this year. They showcased more than fifty deep-tech innovations in nine categories, and Lightly secured the second place in the Health category.

Scientists at Mendel University have crafted a method using ultraviolet radiation to analyze samples, creating a chemical fingerprint for different substances.

Lightly Technologies has developed its solution on technology patented by Mendel University. Employing the cutting-edge method of „UV –  fingerprinting“, the company enables swift and precise analysis of counterfeit medications.

Chemical profiling: A cutting-edge tool in the war against counterfeit medicaments

Through the application of specialized equipment and methodologies, law enforcement can accurately ascertain the origin of illicit substances.